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Walking around a pumpkin patch, sitting by a fire, drinking a cup of warm apple cider! Fall is arguably the season with the best activities. Personally, my favorite fall activity is driving around to see the gorgeous fall foliage of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Of course, you can’t go for a drive without music!

Here are my top three albums for the fall and why you should stream them.

3. Starcatcher by Greta Van Fleet

Starcatcher is Greta Van Fleet’s fourth studio album. With songs like “The Falling Sky” and “The Archer,” you’re sure to be rocking out with your friends while driving down those windy backroads. Aside from the ‘classic rock’ feel songs, songs like “Farewell For Now,” and “Meeting The Master” give a more bittersweet feeling, perfect for those rainy, chilly fall evenings.

2. Purgatory by Tyler Childers

Purgatory is Childers’ second studio album, home to the famous “Lady May,” and “Feathered Indians.” Childers southern twang mixed with from-the-heart lyrics makes for the perfect feel-good moment, sitting by the fire holding a cup of hot chocolate, on a cold fall night.

1. Don Quixote by Gordon Lightfoot

An oldie but a goodie, Don Quixote by the brilliant Gordon Lightfoot is an amazing album to listen to when you’re feeling a little melancholy, or just in the mood to listen to authentic folk music. It is a great album to sit on the porch and read a book to, or to take a scenic, thoughtful drive with your closest friends. With hits like “Beautiful,” and “Looking at the Rain,” Lightfoot takes the listener on journeys of heartbreak and happiness. Like mentioned previously, this album really sets the mood for those melancholic, fall days.

I hope you take time to listen to these albums and experience what they’re all about! I promise they have a better effect on these upcoming fall days…enjoy!

Lily Struzzieri

Scranton '26

Hey, I'm Lily! I hope you enjoy my articles.