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If you know me, you know that watching The Bachelor is my favorite pastime. I love live-tweeting every episode and arguing with friends and family about who started what drama. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t made an Instagram fan account for it (yet).

This season seems to be one that everyone is watching. Fans online are saying that Joey brought The Bachelor franchise back into relevancy, and I 100% agree. He is funny, attractive, and has a very authentic character.

As the weeks go on, I thought it would be fun to guess what will happen in the coming weeks, since Hometowns and Fantasy Suites are so close! Below are my Week 7 and on predictions!

*Week 6+ Spoilers Ahead!!*

Maria: Fantasy Suites. I think Joey really likes Maria, but I really don’t know how to feel about her. On one hand, she’s been involved in a lot of uncalled-for drama, and I feel bad for her. On the other hand, she’s denied some of the issues she has made. Maria definitely did talk about Medina behind her back, but when it was brought to her attention, she denied it so quickly. Overall, I don’t know how I or Joey feel about her, but she will definitely make it to Overnights.

Daisy: Future Mrs. Graziadei (if she wants to change her last name because she is a queen). Joey and Daisy’s chemistry is undeniable. She is a sweet, charming, and (in my eyes) all-around perfect woman. Joey better not fumble the bag on this one.

Jenn: Hometowns. I think Jenn and Joey are cute but may not make it past Hometowns. Their one-on-one was super cute, and they definitely have a strong bond, but is it strong enough?

Lea: BYE BYE. There is no way Lea will make it past week 7, it’s even a miracle she’s stayed this long. I’m calling producer pick on her because she and Joey have ZERO sparks and she is just a problematic, immature troublemaker.

Kelsey A.: Fantasy Suites. I think Kelsey A. and Joey have a lot of potential. They always have a good time together and mesh really well. I think Kelsey A. might get more insecure about their connection as time goes on, but Joey will reassure her in their relationship.

Kelsey T.: Week 7. Sorry, but I do not see Kelsey T. making it past week 7. She and Joey have not spent enough time together, and when they do there is little chemistry pulling them together.

Rachel: Haters are going to hate on me, but I do not see a real connection between these two. I think they may have a good time, but I do not see it going past week 7.

Cora McGuire

Scranton '27

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