To My Parents

Dear Life Makers, 


Now that I’m close to graduating college, I wanted to thank both and express how grateful I am to have y’all as parents. I know in our house we don’t express emotions as much. So, I’ll take this opportunity to do it. To begin I am blessed to have had the freedom of choice and to have grown up in America. It hit me more recently that I am first generation American and that you both had to immigrate here and start a new life.  

Mom, the courage and confidence you have shown in face of your many hardships is something I admire and hope to have in the future. To have come to America at a young age and then deal with racism and the trials and tribulations of being an immigrant makes you the strongest woman I know. Despite being knocked down time and time again throughout life, you have taught me to always show love and kindness regardless of the situation. The way you communicate with people and carry yourself is something I wish to take on as well. Thank you for not only being my mother but my best friend for life. I don’t know what I would’ve done or what kind of woman I would be without you. You have constantly told me that I need to know my worth as a female and that I don’t deserve anything less from anyone. I hope to be half the woman and mother you are.  

Dad, your stubborn ways and ability to do anything you set your mind to is something you have passed on to me. I may have my mother’s looks but I am surely my father’s daughter. You and I have had our differences throughout my twenty plus years of life but I am glad that we have become close over the years. At first, I never understood why we were so distant when we were younger, but now I have come to realize why. You wanted to make a life for your wife and two daughters in America and to do that as an immigrant it meant working hard to earn money. Because of all your hard work, long hours being spent as offices, and many missed school events, we are able to live comfortably now. You were able to send both me and my sister off to private colleges to pursue a college degree of our choice. Thank you for always challenging me and pushing me to do more because you saw (and still see) potential in me, even when I can’t. Thank you for showing me how to change breaks on a car, supporting my ambitious dreams, traveling the world with me, and for showing me how a real man should treat me. I am so happy that we have gotten close and that we spend so much more time together now. 

To the both of you, there is so much more I want to say but maybe another time. Thank you both for allowing me to express myself and for raising me the way you did. You both have done a great job at parenting though at times I know you may have doubted it. I love you both with all my heart and I can’t wait to come home to give y’all hugs. 


Love, Ashu