My Love Hate Relationship with Taiwan

Love: Cheap and delicious food at anytime and anywhere.

If you’re hungry at 5 a.m., then you can’t miss Taiwanese breakfast like soybean milk, scallion pancake or Chinese omelet etc.

If you’re starving at 11 p.m., just go to the night markets for beef noodles, turkey rice and oyster omelet - you name it.


Hate: Doesn’t always serve food in a sanitary manner.


Love: Bubble tea shops are ubiquitous. 

One bubble tea only cost 2 dollars!


Hate: Hot and humid weather drives me crazy.

In the summer, the temperature can reach 100 degrees.


Love: Clean public transportation and bike share programs.

You can rent a bike near the MRT station and the first 30 minutes will only cost you 15 cents.


Hate: Bumpy roads and a ton of bad drivers.


Love: 24-hour convenience stores everywhere.

Taiwan possesses the second highest ratio of convenience stores per population around the world. You can do a lot of things in there, including paying bills, printing, and it even offers delivery service.


Hate: It’s so small that I’ve been to every county many times (but it’s beautiful!)