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As the fall season is quickly approaching, here are some movie suggestions and a tidbit of what they’re about! I am not a fan of scary movies but love a good fall vibe.

Halloweentown: Found on Disney+

There are 4 of these movies! A group of siblings follow their grandmother home after a visit only to find she lives in a place called Halloweentown. The town is full of ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, and more living in a secret community. The eldest daughter learns that she is a witch like her grandmother and will soon receive her witch powers. The movie follows her and her siblings as they uncover the danger their grandmother’s town. They must find a way to fight an evil warlock and defeat other challenges along the way to save her grandmother and all the others.

Hocus Pocus: Found on Disney+

There is a new Hocus Pocus 2, but of course I think the 1st one is the best! A young teenager accidentally discovers a trapped coven of witches in Salem, Massachusetts. The movie follows the trials and tribulations this teen and her friends face in trying to return these witches to where they were trapped before they become immortal.

Harry Potter series: Found on MAX

An absolute classic must watch for me. For those of you who don’t know anything about Harry Potter, the general premise is that Harry is raised by a human family (muggle) until the age of 11 when he discovers he is a wizard. The movies (and books) follow Harry’s life at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the challenges he faces. Each movie shows a different year at the school while he learns more about the past and discover the world of magic.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Found on Disney+

A beloved Tim Burton classic. This movie follows the main character, Jack Skellington, as he searches for joy in his job as the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown. He has become bored of doing the same old task of scaring people. He accidentally discovers Christmas town and adores it, so naturally he does anything he can to take over the joyous role.

Coraline: Found on MAX

To this day I consider this to be a spooky movie. While wandering in her new house and exploring, Coraline finds a secret hidden door. When she goes through it, she finds herself in some sort of alternate world that mirrors her life. She likes this alternate version of her family, but quickly discovers they want her to stay forever.

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