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I recently moved into an apartment on my college campus and finally finished decorating my room! Over the summer when I started shopping for room décor, I set the goal to transform my dull dorm room into a personalized and comfy space. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding on a room theme, but I love how my room turned out, so I wanted to share a list of my favorite room decorations for anyone looking for some inspiration!

These clips lights are a perfect way to hang up pictures and have a subtle light source in your room. At least at my school, the ceiling light in my room is super bright so I don’t usually have it on. These lights brighten up my room without being too intense or vibrant, they are a perfect happy medium and I definitely recommend putting them in your room!

These flower wall prints are probably my favorite decoration I have in this year. I chose to do blue/green theme for my room and these prints match that color scheme so well. Etsy is a great place to find wall decorations and these prints were particularly great because I was able to digitally download the design and print them at my local CVS. It was such a simple process and they are under $10 which is a plus for college students!

This good vibes white light up wall sign is such a cute addition to the apartment! My roommates and I actually decided to put this up in our living room area, but it is definitely a great decoration for your room too! It is also USB powered which is super convenient.

These blue faux flowers have been in my Etsy cart for a while now. They are such a simple and cute touch to a room and you don’t have to worry about watering them because they are artificial! I will be purchasing them soon and you should too!

Ariana Isayiw

Scranton '25

I am a kinesiology major at the University of Scranton. I am from Westminster, Maryland but absolutely love the idea of living in North Carolina one day! My favorite season is fall, my favorite color is lavender, and my favorite food is sushi. I am not a writer at heart but love compiling short lists that share my favorite things :)