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The Most Necessary Items Needed to Fill Your Room with Positive Energy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Most of us can agree that our room is the most important space in our college lives. It’s a place we feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed after walking up and down all of Scranton’s hills just to get to class. Our room is a place that we can center our thoughts, in order to rejuvenate and recharge our so-called “batteries” for the next day to come.

Unfortunately, rooms don’t usually feel that way or are even used in that way. You may not realize it, but the desk covered in books and notebooks, the unmade bed, the chair covered in clothes you wore and never put away, and the shoes covering half of the floor can have a surprisingly negative effect on your life. All of the above can induce stress, anxiety, and drain your energy in ways that aren’t even noticeable in the slightest bit.

With that being said, you should equip your room with the most positive energy filled items that will make your stress disappear and increase your energy levels.



First, of the many necessary items, are inspirational and motivational quotes. Quotes have the ability to capture your subconscious mind, which is the major portion of your entire mind. With that, meaningful quotes may instantaneously charge your entire thought process, directing your energies towards a positive track.

Quotes bring consistency, which is one of the major success factors in life. To be consistent, you have to repeat and repeat time again. Repeatedly seeing and reading the motivational quotes can bring you that positive energy from a mindset standpoint.


Second, green plants can help with stress, colds, headaches, and filtering contaminates from the air. Plants, like terrariums, interact with your mind and body in ways that help create a better quality of life with the feeling of relaxation. Plus, they provide a nice look of greenery.

Plants also provide happiness in a nonchalant way. The happiness not only comes from the many air quality benefits, but from taking care of them. The low-stakes responsibility of caring for a plant brings feelings of accomplishment, well being, caring, optimism, and love.

As a suggestion, a sage plant will get rid of any negative emotions, such as anger and fear. The positive energy provided from the plant allows for a great boost. A bamboo plant is also effective in a way that it will bring energy to the room in the form of prosperity.

Essential oils

Third, essential oils provide pleasant smells that our brain reacts almost instantly to. When we smell satisfying aromas, our brain responds in a way that alters things such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, memories, hormones, and mood.

Diffusing oils is a great way to take advantage of the strong connection between our sense of smell and our complex system of nerves and networks in the brain.

Utilizing essential oils throughout the day can help provide that calm in the “storm” with a simple whiff.

As a suggestion, one of my favorites is cinnamon oil because it fights depression and viruses. It also smells like home to me. Another suggestion would be to try either the crisp citrus scents or anything from the mint family. Scents like orange, lemon, and peppermint are uplifting and will provide you with the energy to make you feel happy.


Crystals help release physical, mental, and spiritual blockages through the use of vibrations. They also help you connect to the healing energy, provided by the Earth, which will then bring you a sense of calmness. When you place crystals close to your skin or have them in your environment, the energy from the earth connects with you.

The plus side to crystals is that you do not need to be spiritual to enjoy what they have to offer. To start off, Amethyst is an ideal stone to place in your room as décor. The rock boosts inner strength and provides spiritual protection from unwanted energies.

After a full day of clinicals, observations, internships, and classes, it would be healing and beneficial to go back to our safe place, in this case our room, and be provided with the inner strength and energy to take on what is to come next.

Throughout your college experience, your room should be your sanctuary. In other words, your room should be a place for you to withdrawal from the world and your studies to feel at ease. Incorporating quotes, plants, essential oils, and crystals is just the start to filling your room with the energy needed to create a sense of center and a feeling of reflection.

Samantha Kellar

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My name is Samantha and I am an Early and Primary Education major at the University of Scranton. I enjoy writing about new content that interest me, as well as my educational passions! 
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