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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Name: Kass Thiel 

Year: Class of 2019 

Hometown: Moscow, PA

Major: BioChemistry 


HC: What your favorite thing about this area?

KT: Home town vibe


HC:  What are your plans after Scranton?

KT: Masters in BioChem then taking ht MCAT and applying to med school. 


HC: Hows it feel coming into your senior year?

KT: very nostalgic, bittersweet looking back especially having my brother coming in as a freshman, coming into this awesome experience as I’m leaving 


HC: Whats your summer plans?

KT: Doing clinical research with Dr Stumpo. 


HC: What’s your most memorable experience here? 

KT: The night I was backstage at Fetty. 


HC: What your favorite part of the HC club?

KT: As a science major, I don’t really get to be creative a lot so I appreciate being able to express myself through articles


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