Meet the Team: Bri Moritzen

Name: Briana Moritzen

Year: Sophomore

Major: OT

Hometown: Livingston, NJ


HC: Where is your favorite place that you have vacationed?

BM: France, Paris; because it has a completely different culture and I had never left the country before so that different. I’m a huge foodie, so that was also a plus.


HC: What is your favorite event on campus?

BM: Pet therapy…Duh. I always make sure that day stays free of plans.


HC: Do you have any third floor DeNaples food hacks?

BM: On waffles or french toast I always take the plastic ice cream cup to put syrup in it so they don’t get soggy. Another one is sometimes I take a soup cup because they are bigger than the ice cream cups and put cookies and Nutella on my ice cream.


HC: What’s your favorite article you wrote for Her Campus?

BM: “9 Struggle of Adulting”  


HC: What is your favorite thing about Scranton?

BM: I love all the service opportunities that we have on campus. its so easy to be apart of the community and give back, which is always something I have loved.