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Meet the Incredible Hanna Sandor

Name: Hanna Sandor 

Major: Nursing 

Year: Senior 

Hometown: Bayport, NY


I had the pleasure to speak with Hanna Sandor about her extravagant travel experiences during her time at Scranton. Throughout her time in the nursing program, she has excelled and made countless unforgettable memories. Keep reading and find out the experiences that made Hanna, Hanna.


HC: Briefly describe the things you’ve done at Scranton thus far.  

HS: I have been on the swim team for four years which has been a huge part of my life. It has been so weird not having practice now that our season is finally over! I traveled to Italy the Spring semester of my sophomore year. I have been involved in the Student Nurses Association and volunteered at the Jewish Home of Pennsylvania. Nursing has taken up most of my time at Scranton between studying and clinical rotations. Through nursing I have been able to work at most of the hospitals in the area, seeing patients from labor and delivery, to the operating room and even the ICU!


HC: I heard you traveled to Africa during the winter. Can you explain what types of things you did there? 

HS: Yes! I went on a nursing service trip to Uganda for the intersession class called “Health Issues in Africa.” We spent 15 days in Uganda with a group of students from the U including both theology and nursing majors. We were on a pilgrimage to truly understand the roots of the beautiful Ugandan culture. We spent time at a hospital called Bwindi started by a doctor from California for 5 days. We brought supplies, helped with nursing care, and formed relationships with people both in and out of the hospital. I met so many amazing individuals during my time there and I feel so blessed to have had this experience. It was not a trip about saving the world, but about understanding that the world doesn’t revolve around America and that other ways of living can be rich with much more than money. 


HC: What were some cultural differences you’ve experienced during your time in Africa?

HS: In Uganda, everyone was so genuine, open, and grateful. Every time I met someone they stopped to hold my hand with both their hands, made eye contact and truly wanted to know how I was doing. In the US we say “how are you” in passing and usually don’t even stop to hear a response. There is a much more peaceful and present feel about their way of life. I learned there is always time for the important things, like sitting down with others, putting phones away, and just having honest and meaningful conversations.


HC: And you’ve also spent a semester abroad in Italy. What do you miss most about living in Italy?

HS: Ugh I can’t even talk about it I miss everything about Italy so much! I was there for six months as a live-in nanny in a small town called Foligno. I must say, my trip was approximately 90% based on food. Where to eat next? What to eat next? Can I taste that? Can I have the recipe for that? Seriously the food was beyond amazing. I miss the long dinners that went until 11:00 at night, the seemingly endless amounts of fresh cheeses, pizza, wine and obviously, gelato.

HC: Do you have any plans to travel in the future?

HS: Nothing is planned yet but I have no doubt in my mind that I will be traveling more in the future. I have lots of things I want to see and many places left to visit on my Bucket list. My goal is to be a travel nurse, which would allow me to work in different places for shorter amounts of time. I would especially love to go back to Spain for some time! But, I think for now I want to focus on seeing places in the US that I have never been to, and maybe even do a cross country drive this summer!


HC: Lastly, what are you looking forward to post-graduation?

HS: Not too much HAHA. I will start studying for my nursing boards exam right after graduation which is freaking me out. I am looking forward to lifeguarding at the ocean on weekends this summer! I’m going to move back home and save up some money for a little before I make any crazy moves. I guess I am excited to be home and spend some quality time with my family which will be nice. I am also very eager to see where everyone ends up, it’s a pretty scary but also an exciting time in our lives and I hope everyone will stay in touch after graduation! 



I'm a twenty-year-old junior at the University of Scranton. I aspire to work in public relations after I graduate, as well as travel the world. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island.
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