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Meet HC’s Very Own Artist: Zanah Khan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Any proud best friend would love to show off their partner in crime, especially if they’re pretty much the next Picasso. For me, this is the lovely Zanah Khan; as of late, more and more of the people around Her Campus Scranton have been noticing her paintings, so I felt it was only necessary to share her gift with the rest of you! I present to you our very own little artist:

Name: Zanah Khan

Hometown: Moosic, PA

Class of: 2019

Major: Biology, Pre-Med



HC: How has sophomore year been treating you?

ZK: Sophomore year has been sooOooOo awesome. I became a commuter this semester, and it’s different, but I like it. But obviously I miss you, ex-roomie!


HC: All of us Her Campus Scranton have become obsessed with your artwork, so tell us a little about when you really got into it.

ZK: Probably junior year of high school, that was when I first took a more serious art class. Then I realized it was a really fun outlet and I could express my creativity. I guess I felt like I was good at it. I started to really like it because I felt like I could display my personality and the things I find interesting.


HC: What/Where do you find your inspiration from?

ZK: Other artists, things in my daily life, my friends, and I like recreating album and book covers.


HC: Could you pick a modern artist who influences your work?

ZK: Margaret Berg, she does really pretty water color flowers that I love.


HC: How would you like to see your art platform grow?

ZK: I think I’d just like to make more artwork in the summer and experiment with different mediums. I want to start painting larger sized canvases. I just want to do more self-inspired pieces instead of being influenced by other artists. I feel like in the summer I’ll have more time to paint.


HC: Is there a specific medium you enjoy using?

ZK: Watercolors are my favorite because I think they’re the prettiest, but I like acrylic paint as well. It really depends on the desired look of the painting.


HC: Do you ever sell your art?

ZK: It sounds like a fun idea and I’d love to be able to share paintings with people who like the same things as me but I have never really pursued that.

HC: We heard you have an art Instagram account, could you pretty please share with us?

ZK: Sure! Its @zanahbananart.


HC: If you could pick your three favorite pieces, which would they be?

ZK: I like Tyler the Creator’s Cherry Bomb album cover that I painted. I also love this random skull I did, and finally the Harry Potter series Chamber of Secrets cover.


Julia Wardeh

Scranton '19

Julia Wardeh is a senior studying pre-medicine at the University of Scranton. This will be her second year as president and CC of Her Campus Scranton, which she hopes to elevate and expand. In her free time, Julia enjoys working as a barista, reading novels, and looking at the latest memes.
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