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Meet Dave Miller ‘17

Name: Dave Miller
Nickname: Dmillz, Dmilly, Dmilly from Philly, The Philly King
Year: 2017
Major: Communications
Minor: History
Hometown: Broomall, Pennsylvania
Relationship Status: In a relationship 


Dmillz is a Villanova basketball-loving Delco native. He’s known throughout campus for his casual cameos on the local news. Read on more to find out about this week’s campus cutie!

HC: Favorite sports team?
DM: Oh, without a doubt the Philadelphia Eagles

HC: Describe your group of friends in one word.  
DM: Rascals

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?
DM: Margot Robbie

HC: What is your favorite summer vacation spot?
DM: Sea Isle City, New Jersey

HC: Dream job?
DM: Anything that makes me rich

HC: What’s a fun fact that most people might not know about you?
DM: I can name every president of the United States of America and have been able to since kindergarten

HC: Name something on your bucket list:
DM: To meet Oprah, who wouldn’t?

HC: What is your favorite memory so far from Scranton?
DM: When I used Siri to get back to my dorm my first night in Scranton freshman year

HC: In your opinion, best DeNaples meal?
DM: Burger

HC: What’s your favorite part about your hometown?
DM: I live right behind a Wawa

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