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Matt Ferrara, Started the Movement

It’s hard enough balancing school and social life, but can you imagine being the co-founder of a successful music website too?  Well, Matt Ferrara did just that, co-founding the site GetYourMusicNoticed.  He was able to take his love for music and create something so influential for individuals all over the globe.  Everyone deserves to have their talents and passions seen and heard, and that is exactly what this site is all about.  Read on to learn more about Matt and the movement.

Name: Matt FerraraYear: 2015Major: Exercise ScienceHometown: Farmingdale, Long Island

Why P.T?During my senior year of high school, I decided to join the wrestling team. It taught me discipline and I loved the shape I was getting in. During one of my matches in a tournament I tore my ACL.  I went through the knee rehabilitation and loved seeing the progression. My physical therapist made me feel comfortable and the whole process motivated me to continue an active and healthy lifestyle of which I plan to promote the same for others.  I plan on owning my own training facility where I can motivate people to achieve their goals and for them to feel physically AND mentally comfortable doing it. I want people to feel the same satisfaction I did when I embraced a fit lifestyle.

What is something that others don’t know about you?I have serious celebrity crush on Selena Gomez. We’re getting married one day, she just doesn’t know it yet.

When did you start to play the guitar?I started when I was 13 with my cousin Ryan. We would always put on mini concerts in front of our family whether they liked it or not. My favorite music will always be classic rock and blues, but I have an appreciation for all types of music.

How has music impacted your life?It’s forced me to overcome my shyness. I was extremely shy growing up, so listening to music was my escape. At the beginning stages of playing guitar I was also shy; I didn’t want anyone to hear me play a song incorrectly (showing my perfectionist side), but my family really encouraged me to just play whenever the chance came up, which was frustrating because I never thought I was good enough. But as time went on and through many hours of practice later, my cousin and I formed a band called Black Honey. We eventually ended up recording our own album and played gigs at bars and concerts in front of hundreds of people. I’ve met so many people through music and sharing a similar interest with someone else made it that much easier.

My favorite moment was when we organized a benefit concert for a kid from our high school that passed away from a car crash. We raised thousands of dollars for the his family.  It was such an amazing experience to use our music as a mode for bringing the community together in a time of mourning and I will never forget that feeling.  We had a band that opened for us called Jimmy and the Gooch.  The “Gooch”, and Jimmy, are now actually part of Grey Season, one of the featured bands on the site as well as the main talent at our launch event.

What is GetYourMusicNoticed?GetYourMusicNoticed is an underground music movement that features the best music from around the world.  It is an opportunity for talent to finally get the recognition that it deserves, having been perfected in bedrooms and garages for hours at a time.  Whether you’ve played church basements, or sold out arenas, we want to showcase you.  We make sure to provide updates on current underground artists to keep our followers interested

How would you describe what the movement is?The movement is a community of people who love music and come together to appreciate it no matter how big or small the artist.  So many talented artists out there don’t get the recognition they deserve, and GYMN helps them get their voices heard in a large crowd.  GetYourMusicNoticed gives artists exposure and a head start in the industry.  The movement has now spread to Portugal, Sweden, Australia, and London. We are: By the artists, for the artists

How can a person “join the movement”?Simply by sharing a post on GYMN, telling a friend about the Movement by word of mouth, social media, email, or by checking out the feature of the week every.  As the movement continues to spread, the ability to get underground talent noticed becomes more and more a reality.  Check out the site every Sunday for the feature of the week.

How does an artists get featured on the website?It’s as simple as sending a submission to the website!  If you are an aspiring musician, you can send your music to the Website; or if your a listener, you can send a suggestion of your favorite artists and GetYourMusicNoticed will try to get in contact with them.

It’s always a great feeling when we contact an artist about conducting a feature.

What are some types of things GetYourMusicNoticed does to promote these artists?Well besides the feature of the week, GYMN also does album reviews, video and written interviews, studio sessions, and promotes any upcoming news and events artists have. And after the launch event, GYMN will begin setting up more shows for artists.

Tell me more about this launch event.The launch event is going to be huge in helping to promote the business by being active in the community.

The free concert is taking place on November 21st at the Oneonta Theatre.  The band Grey Season is performing who was one of the first featured bands on the channel.  They have an electric folk vibe and stem from Berklee College of Music.  The launch event will be streamed live on the website.  And with the help of our supporters, we hope this is just the first of many concerts to come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH43TRYIajI&list=PLaxODTz_dzxsUs_EZcM2pxRwSCNAnS4qe&index=2

So what’s planned for the future of GYMN?We have a lot of things planned to take place within the next year, I don’t really want to reveal too much.  All I can really say is stay tuned because there are a lot of exciting things in the works.

Lastly, what is one thing you’ve learned from your four years at Scranton?Responsibility. Living on your own forces you to manage your time wisely and handle things on your own. I am grateful to have Scranton be that stepping stone and character builder.

Check out GetYourMusicNoticed on their Website YoutubeTwitterInstagram, & Soundcloud

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