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Manifesting is a weird idea to me at times. As someone who is logical, I want to say manifesting something isn’t real. As a Catholic, I want to say I just asked God and he granted me what I asked for. But a part of me does want to say I manifested this. It leaves me feeling very conflicted. 

         What is manifesting? It’s when you focus your thoughts on a specific idea. An example would be to manifest a good grade on a test for your friend. You focus your thoughts and energy on your friend getting that good grade. Some might call it wishful thinking, but I do believe it helps.

         I feel like the universe responds to the energies we present. I say I feel because it is a feeling I get. When I push positive energy out, when I let myself express happiness and positivity, I find that the same type of energy finds me. When I let myself become overwhelmed by negativity, I find that more of that energy tends to find me. That doesn’t mean I only get negative or positive energy at those times, but I attract more of one or the other. I find when manifesting I push positive energy out and hope to get that positive energy back with the result of what I am manifesting. 

         It seems silly to manifest things, but it can be so simple. You can sit down and, in your head, just think about what you would like to happen. Then push those thoughts out into the universe and wait. I love doing this because it is a way for taking what I want and instead of burying it inside me I am letting it go. 

         So go have fun manifesting, I’m wishing the best for you!

Andrea Filachek

Scranton '23

I am a Early and Primary Childhood Education Major. I love reading, being, active, and chilling with my friends while doing arts and crafts.
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