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Let’s Talk About Grey’s Anatomy

Hi. My name is Mackenzie and I am addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. I began watching the ABC original series in 2017. It really was love at first sight. Over the past three years, my addiction has developed into well, how do I phrase this? I guess you can say an emotional connection. My gosh, when Derek Shepard died, I didn’t leave my room for hours. And don’t even get me started about when April and Jackson broke up! I was a mess. 


Not to brag or anything- but, I even own some super cool Grey- Sloan Memorial merch. Yeah, that’s right. Every now and then, I rock a sweatshirt with the hospital logo on it. Boy, do I get so many compliments! And some weird stares. But, that’s a different story for a different day. 


Alright, that was a little off topic. 


For today’s article, I’ve decided to write about my favorite characters from the Grey’s Anatomy cast. Of course, I love them all. But, here are my top five. These characters are relatable, loveable and assets to the Grey’s Anatomy production. Before you go any further… beware spoilers are included. 


Meredith Grey 


The one and only Meredith Grey. The face of Grey’s Anatomy. The heart and soul of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Early seasons of the show portray Meredith as a lost and emotionally distressed young woman searching for her role in not only the medical field, but the world. As the show progresses, Meredith matures and transforms from a “dark and twisty” person, to an epic hero who battles adversity and saves lives. Overtime, Meredith begins to find her purpose and heals the once wounded relationship with her mother. She meets the love of her life (rest in peace Derek) and starts a family. The young, scared character from season one who was afraid of love, motherhood and living in the shadows of her mother’s legacy, evolves into a strong and brave woman who is capable of anything. You go girl. 


Amelia Shepherd


Amelia Shepherd, sister of Derek Shepherd, is a brilliant neurosurgeon who thinks outside the box. She is an impeccable artist who masters complex and intricate surgeries. In early seasons, Amelia is depicted as a young woman struggling with her sobriety, internal conflicts and self-esteem. The death of her brother brings darkness to her life. However, she is able to find light once again with the help of her sisters, Maggie and Meredith. As the show progresses, Amelia greatly evolves as not only a human, but a surgeon. Despite several bumps in the road such as her grand commitment issues and a brain tumor, Amelia survives and finds the strength inside her soul that she has spent her life searching for. Amelia Shepherd entered the show as the “black sheep” of the Shepherd family, yet in season sixteen she proves to be a strong woman (soon to embrace motherhood) who carries on Derek’s legacy and achieves the unthinkable. Ah, I love Amelia. And let’s take a second to talk about her style- total punk rock and super edgy. 



Alex Karev 


So, Dr. Karev and I are currently in a fight. I may never forgive him for leaving the show. And the way he leaves… OH MY GOSH! That is what you call a plot twist. But, let’s talk about Alex from earlier seasons. Dr. Karev began his career at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital as a total bad boy and “evil spawn;” he made rude, unprofessional comments and overall did not value his career. Over time, his character develops into a sweet, strong and brilliant man who respects his colleagues and desires a career as chief of surgery. Oh yeah and how could I forget about Alex and Meredith. The dynamic duo that has been through thin and thick at the hospital. The dynamic duo that started from the bottom and reached the top- together. Total best friend goals. 



Jo Wilson 


Jo Wilson is strong and brave. And the epic love story of Alex Karev and Jo Wilson is one of my favorites… until the final episode of season sixteen. As a child, Jo was left at a fire station abandoned by her birth mother. She grew up in the foster care system, and when she was old enough to leave she lived out of her car, struggling to pay for medical school. She survived an abusive marriage in her early 20’s and suffered a mental breakdown after meeting her biological mother. However, Jo recovered. Her character spreads light, happiness and a little bit of spunk; she shares the message to all viewers that nothing in life can stop you from chasing your dreams. 


Miranda Bailey 


Ms. Miranda Bailey. A queen. An iconic. And a total girl boss. From the very first episode, Dr. Bailey was a total know it all. She had a strict agenda and didn’t let anyone get in her way. As seasons progress, she gradually forms friendships with her colleagues and even starts to show a little bit of emotion. Gasp! As the show evolves, the protective outer shell that shields Bailey dissolves and she becomes a strong woman who values friendships and never fails to provide blunt honesty when needed. That’s Miranda Bailey for you! And there’s about to be another little Bailey on the way. I really didn’t see that one coming. 


Mackenzie Mickavicz is a sophomore at the University of Scranton studying strategic communications and women and gender studies. This is her first year as editor of Her Campus Scranton. Mackenzie is a college student by day, and aspiring author by night.
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