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The Law of Attraction…Does this actually work?

Well as you can see from the title, yes girl the Law of attraction actually works. Attracting, by definition means to pull or draw something closer to oneself. Now what is the LAW OF ATTRACTION? It’s basically a state of being, where you manifest things that you want, (only if you truly want them of course) by making yourself a positive ball of energy and manifesting what you want with your power of will. 

Does this sound crazy? Yeah, at first it was crazy for me too, I felt a little psychotic and crazy and thinking that this could actually happen, but trust me it can.

My face was exactly like that gif when I first read about the Law of Attraction but let me simplify it a little bit further. A relatable situation that happens to all of us would be when we’re in the car and we think of a song then all of a sudden, a random radio station plays the exact song we’re thinking of. Does this happen to you? To me it does, but I usually dismiss it and think that it’s just a coincidence. Or maybe one day you really want a specific text from someone; you think about it all day, all night, basically you imagine yourself receiving this text, and all of a sudden that person texts you the exact thing you were thinking of? This is not coincidence, honey, that’s you MANIFESTING what you want with your will.

Now, you can’t just manifest a million dollars into your wallet, the law of attraction takes time to practice and is similar to a muscle that must be worked on to get bigger. Here are some basic steps to get you started though. 

1. Think of what you want to manifest. 

Does the thought of this thing, person, or object make you feel happy? If it does, imagine the feeling of receiving this thing and focus on that feeling. 

2. Think about this object daily, think about receiving it, and act like its already yours. Remember: this thing is already yours, it just has to come to you. 

3. Now you will get what you want, but you must be the match for the thing you’re wanting. Let me explain this. If you want a romantic partner to come into your life, be and act like the person you want to attract, because your energy will attract theirs. 

4. Once you receive what you want, always express gratitude because you’ve finally received what you manifested. The more gratitude means more good energy which will attract even more positive things into your life. 

So, this article is just a basic summary of the Law of Attraction, I didn’t add all the universal vibrations that go along with this because it might seem too much for some. But if there is anything to take away from this article, it’s this: Everything that you dream of is yours, so go out into the world and act like it.

Ysobelle Reyes

Scranton '22

Ysobelle is a Physiology major at the University of Scranton. She loves fitness and creative writing. That's why she loves HerCampus so much! She practices meditation which helps college stress and she frequently travels to the Philippines to visit family. Ysobelle is very passionate about fitness and basketball and is involved in intermural teams on campus. She wishes to pursue a career that combines both her passions of creative writing and fashion and beauty. Her first year as a HerCampus member allowed her to be able to freely write works she always wanted to publish on a public platform.
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