If Kanye Were President…

If you didn’t know by now, Kanye West announced at the VMA’s that he will be running for president in 2020. Obviously, it's clear that Mr. West has his strong opinions on fashion, baby names, and Taylor Swift. If you think Trump is bad, what would West do?

1. We would all ‘listen to the kids’2. We'll be listening to the song "all day" all day3. Kanye would replace each face of Mount Rushmore

4. ‘Selfish’ would be required as introductory picture book reading in all kindergartens across the country5. Every day would be National Kanye Day6. Jay-Z would obviously be VP7. The selfie queen would be the first lady…let’s all take a second

8. Kim Kardashian West would be the face of all American currency9. Everyone would pray to Yeezus before bed10. Marijuana would be legal so we could all ‘knock the edge off’11. Phones would ring to the sound ‘uh-huh honey’ when receiving a text 

12. Don’t worry, while running the country he would still have time to record albums13. Smiling would be against the law, resting b*tch faces only!!14. Northwest would be no longer be a direction15. International meetings would always be interrupted by him, ‘excuse me, I hate to interrupt you, but America is the best country in the world’