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In the summer, I always look forward to ice cream. The hot weather entices this dessert and makes it look so desirable. Every time I eat my ice cream, the flavors invade the taste buds in my mouth. A cold feeling spreads throughout my body contrasting to the beaming sun hitting my skin. The ice cream trickles down my hand as I eat it from my cone. It begins to melt from my hands that tightly clasps the cone as droplets hit the ground.

Have you ever gone to the ice cream shop on an extremely hot day?

The hot weather suffocates me as I wipe the sweat from my head but the moment I step into the ice cream shop, cold air smacks me in the face. The feeling is amazing and one that can only be experienced in the warm weather. The anticipation when in line to order almost gets unbearable. After I place the order of one scoop of cookies n’ cream on a waffle cone, my eyes shine with excitement as I wait for the shop worker to hand me the delicious treat. They give me a wide smile when I get the ice cream and it is almost as if they can see my excitement.

The first bite is the most mouthwatering.

The feeling of ice cream in the summer is out of this world.

Neha Patel

Scranton '26

Hi! My name is Neha and I am a occupational therapy major! I am so excited to share my stories with you :)