I’m a Woman Who Loves Her Tattoos

Tattoos are a form of self-expression and a form of empowerment. I have three tattoos: An olive branch, a rose, and a star constellation. 


The olive branch is hidden on the back of my neck. It is a symbol of peace. 


A rose, rests on my forearm. It is a sign of self-love. 


And a star constellation sleeps on my ribcage. A reminder of the midnight sky and its timeless beauty. 


Two thirds of these tattoos were impulsive- slightly spur of the moment. However, that does not make me irresponsible or reckless. I guess it makes me, well me. It represents who I am. A free and kind, wild and young soul, eager to push herself to new limits, eager to make her name known and leave her mark on the world. 


My tattoos inspire me. They motivate me. They make me feel like an individual. They set me apart, but in some weird way they make me feel like I belong in this world. 


I grew up in a household that strictly forbid tattoos; my mother always said that tattoos would limit my career options. I fail to believe this is true. In the past, yes. However, society now normalizes ink. Yeah, some people are judgement. Of course, my grandmother whispers about me at Christmas dinner. And my dad never fails to roll his eyes when he glances at my forearm. 


Sure, the haters are going to hate. The judgmental will certainly judge. But, never stop being who you are. Express yourself forever and always. Spread your wings and fly. Okay, that was a little cliché. Just don’t be afraid to be who you are. Your body is a canvas. 


Art tells a story. 


You, my dear, are art.