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How to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

This upcoming month I will be having my iconic 20th birthday. Why is this iconic? Well, my birthday will be on February 14! I decided to feed into the Valentine’s Day tradition and spend it with all my girlie friends. Since most of my friends will be free on the 14th, I wanted to celebrate it with a theme. So here is how to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day party.

1. Ready, Set, Budget

Make a plan: How much money are you willing to spend? And what is your limit? Are you okay with spending more money on accessories? Or picking a more inexpensive party favor? A big reminder to think about is whether these are beneficial to your party or if they’re just accessories. Sticking to the core main objects first and then spending the extra money on accessories can be helpful. Make a list from most important to least important. This will help you stay on track and not forget items.

2. Where to shop

Online shopping is a must for college students. Due to Scranton having a policy of no cars on campus until Junior year, it is hard to find friends who have an exception to drive you around. This makes you count on companies with shipping for almost all of the supplies. Now using the bookstore is also good for looking for materials such as tape.

3. Online shopping

Going online shopping is easier than ever. Now with the companies using the app store, we can just scroll, click, and add purchases. Use your list and search for your items. To get faster delivery use Amazon Prime. Use the filters to your advantage and find your shopping deals. Don’t limit yourself! Look around at another store that delivers. This can also help see more options and different prices.

4. Opinions, options

Making decisions can always be tricky, that’s why it’s helpful when a roommate or friend can come for help. When deciding on whether to go with pink or red, or all red or all pink it is always great to have another pair of eyes. It is easy to feel stressed or even overwhelmed, so scroll on the internet to get a better picture, ideas, and inspiration.

5. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Harry! Harry who? Harry up, let’s get this party started!

Finally, your packages arrive you can feel hyped for your party! This is the fun part…decorating time. You can have a friend or do it solo on your own. Hang things up, get trays to the table, blow up your balloons, and more. To make it a memorable night, take pictures with all your friends and post them with #Galentinesday. Enjoy your party just like I know I will!