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How to Ensure a Successful Summer Vaycay!

Summer vacation is right around the corner, and while it is the best time of the year, all the heat comes with stress that sweating has on a perfect day. Thankfully, HC came out with the best Summer Survival Kit!


Sweat Without Worry

With this fresh scent, comes 48 hour protection! Secret deodorant has everything you need in a deodorant: fresh scent and longevity! Don’t worry about sweating when you have this secret weapon. Gentle by nature, simple ingredients; this is Khloe Kardashian’s SECRET weapon. 


Feel Fresh Anywhere

Summer vacation is great and refreshing, but sometimes things down there (if you know what I mean) do not always stay so fresh. Simply Summer’s Eve has two products to keep you fresh all day long. With their gentle foaming wash, start your day feeling fresh and keep it going on-the-go with their cleansing cloths!


Keep Those Teeth Clean


Nothing is worse than the feeling of dirty teeth, and the worse thing is your toothbrush might not be as clean as you think! Bacteria can fester on your toothbrush, even when you don’t think it is. That’s where Steripod Toothbrush Protector comes in! This clip-on toothbrush protector fits on most toothbrush heads and uses active vapors to keep your toothbrush clean.


Eyebrows Always Flawless

Never fail to have flawless eyebrows this summer with Essence cosmetics Eyebrow Designer! This dual life savior will let you fix your eyebrows with the smooth pencil side, and groom them with the brush side.


A Must Beach Read

There is nothing more relaxing than reading a great book on the beach! This summer, kick back with Jardine Libaire’s novel, White Fur, which is set in the 1980s. This story follows Elise Perz as fate brought her to Jamey Hyde, a wealthy Yale boy. Make sure you pick a copy up to see how this young love story unfolds!


These fabulous products will help you have the best, stress-free, summer yet! Enjoy!

Straight from Central New Jersey, yes it does exist, Sarah is a senior biology major at the Univeristy of Scranton. When she's not studying, she enjoys rowing for the U, training for marathons that she forces herself to do, and having the college experience with her friends. Her favorite Starbucks drink is a venti iced coffee, black, because she likes to live dangerously. She's an owner of two goldfish whose names are Brandi and Bacardi, and she loves all things America. Xoxo
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