Hot Girl Semester

The term “Hot Girl Summer” (creds to Meg Stallion for that one), quickly spread on social media this summer—launching this mindset of women needing to be fierce and unapologetic about the way they spend their few, needed months off of school. All throughout the summer, it was clear that girls were out here living their best lives without any care what others might say about the way they chose to do it. Meanwhile, this term also seemed to create a sense of support and positivity for everyone committing to this optimistic lifestyle. Whether it was finally cutting off that toxic relationship or wearing that bold shade of lipstick, hot girl summer was definitely in full effect this past season.

However, with the summer coming to an end, I’m here to remind you that this bad b*tch mindset definitely DOES NOT need to come to an end any time soon. Just because you’re packing up your bikinis and trading in that suntan lotion for self-tanner (highly recommend Bondi Sands if you’re looking for that perfect glow—excuse my much needed promo), doesn’t mean you need to stop this newfound, positive outlook on life.

Trust me—I understand that going back to school probably brings on a lot more to stress about than summer’s “which bikini top actually matches these bottoms” level problems. I get that between getting back into the swing of living in a dorm to memorizing endless anatomical systems, it can get a bit more difficult to keep up a positive and confident outlook during your daily life. It’s a lot harder to live a carefree lifestyle when there’s so much going on—there’s no doubt there. However, I promise you that you are MORE than capable of accomplishing anything that you set your mind to. Do not let a new environment keep you from living the life that YOU want to. You are in control of your future and what you do with it. Do not ever let anyone tell you any different. Own it—no matter what time of year it is.