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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Have you ever wanted to learn more makeup techniques or how to use everyday eyeliner in different ways? If so, I have the series for you.

Glow Up is a BBC Three original series that has captured the glamor world of many. This series can now be streamed nationally through Netflix and BBC Three. There are five seasons with the latest just recently releasing this past September.

The show is a makeup artist competition starting with ten aspiring professional makeup artists (MUAs) that have to test their strengths through various creative briefs. The newest season five has captured the eyes of many with the addition of the set of Bridgerton, Ghost, and some other popular Netflix shows.

Many other creative briefs deal with live streaming makeup tutorials on TikTok, the making of homemade prosthetics and teaching the audience on how to use professional techniques at home. It also teaches the audience on how to use simple brushes to create beautiful works of magic and to express who they really are in life. Not only does it touch on makeup, but on special effects for movie sets and the light and dark sides of a beauty makeup.

If you ever get some free time or need something to break the studying grind, I highly recommend watching the show in its entirety over the course of the semester. You will learn new things and have fun along the way. You will not be disappointed!

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