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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

As someone going through one of the busiest semesters I have had so far, the thought process of what I am going to wear to my 9 a.m. lecture is not always at the top of my priority. Other times I’m just lazy and don’t want to put thought into an extravagant outfit for class or my job on campus.

Even when you want to be comfy and lazy I have a few tips and tricks for always looking put together and part of that “clean girl” aesthetic 24/7.

A matching set

I will forever swear by the matching sweat set. It is an outfit that is put together for you, mindless and looks like you put so much thought into your outfit that was basically pre put together for you. You can pair this with Ugg’s, sneakers, Birks, Converse, slides, or whatever shoe is calling your name that day.


Jewelry is something I used to never wear. I never realized the impact it could have on an outfit. Jewelry can make the finishing touches that make or break your outfit. Some things I wear every day are layered necklaces. I prefer gold but silver always works as well: a small gold hoop in my first hole and a simple stud in my second hole. As for bracelets, I personally cannot live without my Apple Watch, and alternate between a few thin gold rope chain bracelets. These are classic staples that I can keep on 24/7 wear with any outfit and will make you look that much more put together.


This step might be the one that takes the most work but your hair is the crown on your head as my mother (a hairdresser) would say. A simple slick-back bun, pony or braid will always do the trick. Using fun claw clips can be a great way to keep your hair clean and back, but still elevate your look. You can even use it to do a half up half down. Hats are also your best friend! a simple baseball cap or beanie that’s either neutral or matches an accent color in your pants/shirt can also make you look put together with minimal to no effort. Last but not least: a headband. This is personally my favorite way to put myself together. I brush my hair or straighten it if I am feeling fancy, throw on a white, black, or gray headband and call it a day.


Although not everyone wears prescription glasses, a cute pair of blue light glasses are a great accessory. When you don’t feel like putting on mascara or any makeup that day, or just happen to have a pair that matches your outfit well, they can help stand out. This goes for sunglasses as well, if it is bright outside and you have those favorite pair of sunnies throw them on. It is a great way to make your look chic!


Last but most certainly not least is hygiene. Making sure to do the simple things like brushing your teeth , washing your face and doing skin care, using deodorant, throwing on a little perfume, and even some Chapstick can go such a long way. Taking care of your skin, hair, nails, teeth etc. daily is the true key to radiating that true “clean girl” look.

Hi I am a Second year Health Promotion Major, Health Admin Minor, Nutrition Concentration. I am on the University Cheer team, love to go shopping ,the beach and hang out with my friends with my free time.