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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Looking for an internship or summer job and be really difficult to do because companies and recruiters do not always respond quickly. Because of this you might move on and miss out on that opportunity because you didn’t push enough. These are some tips I learned from my business classes and life experiences.

1. Be pushy. Send them lots of emails and reach out as much as possible. You might think you are being annoying, but you are really just showing how interested you are.

2. Send professional emails. Do not plan to contact an employer like you text your friends, they will immediately delete you from their choices. Have a proper heading, body, and signature for every email you send to them.

3. Know your facts. Doing research and knowing more about the company you are intending to work at or intern at can go a long way in a recruiter’s mind because it shows you care.

4. Be punctual. Being on time, which means being early in life, brings you up in ever business’s mind. It shows you have your life together and you are a worthy person to want to work with.

5. Remember your previous experiences and what you did/learned. They are going to ask you about your past, make sure your information on your resume or online matches your brain responses.

6. It is okay to mess up or not know the answer. What you have to realize is that as much as this interview could lead you to your future career, it also is another experience in life you need. Everyone makes mistakes and messes up in life and that is okay, just breathe and show the individual you care and are a good person for the job opportunity.

Hi I am a sophomore at the University of Scranton.