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Get Through Mid-Semester Slump with the HC Survival Kit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Her Campus sponsors have done it again! This semester, our HC Scranton team received amazing products to make our walk up the commons a little more cheerful, our day filled with midterms a little brighter and nights Good Fella’s a little more glamorous!

Rimmel London’s 24HR Supercurler Mascara and Colour Precise Eyeliner duo killed the game!

and The Only 1 Lipstick added a much needed pop of color!

Sometimes it’s time for TMI. MONISTAT Complete Care Instant Itch Relief Cream is a must-carry! Don’t worry it fits perfectly in your backpack or purse! Prescription strength without the prescription, starts curing on contact and is the #1 Doctor Recommended OTC yeast infection treatment!


I ♥ JUICY COUTURE Fragrance Sample, can we take 100 of them please?


Scranton only lacks in one thing: a football team. We can still party like it’s game day with our Flying Colors Koozies! Flying Colors Apparel is a must have for college students!


Camelbak’s new Forge Divide Mug makes insulated travel mugs look FABULOUS! We needed this to survive all our coffee refills from Ang at Starbucks.

Maiden Form’s Maidenform Love the Lift® Push Up is, “soft and comfortable without too much pushup!” said Elizabeth Transue!


We received some facemask samples from Freeman Beauty’s “Feeling Beautiful” line and decided to give them a try! Here are our faithful reviews of two products:

Campus member Jamie Kemp tried the Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay Mask:

This mask has a thick texture that applied easily and smoothly on my face. As I applied it to my skin, I felt a cooling sensation. As it was drying, it didn’t feel uncomfortable on my skin; it was refreshing the entire time! Between the scent and the cooling sensation on my face, it made my skin appear to be glowing. This mask was perfect to apply before the busy weekend. My skin felt so much cleaner than it was prior to applying the mask. I would definitely recommend this facemask to someone with similar skin types as me. I have semi-oily skin that is easily irritated by new products. I found that this facemask did not irritate my skin or make me break out, but had the contrary effects. Overall, this Apple Cider Vinegar facemask is a perfect lightweight, refreshing mask!


Amanda Ragusa chose the Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask:

It is so dope. The most important thing to know about this dark colored mask is that it literally looks like you’re rubbing dirt all over your face, but don’t let its appearance deter you from trying it (…because it’s awesome). This mask is most effective when gradually rubbed into your face and neck for several minutes. Instead of drying and molding on your face, the grainy consistency turns into a gel-like coating after coming into contact with your skin. I scrubbed my face for about five minutes and then let it sit for another five – this turned out to be the perfect amount of time! Charcoal doesn’t sound like it would have a very pleasing scent, but this mask doesn’t smell bad at all. After gently removing the mask from my face with a wash cloth, my skin was RADIANT!

***Other Freeman masks we recommend:

Cucumber Peel-Off Mask – say goodbye to dead skin!

Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask – refresh your skin and get rid of that oily layer!

Again, thank you so much to our sponsors! Scranton students: be on the lookout for HC Scranton members around campus handing these out and on social media @hcscranton for contests! There will be more where this came from.



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Scranton '18

My whole biography realistically can't fit here so
I'm a twenty-year-old junior at the University of Scranton. I aspire to work in public relations after I graduate, as well as travel the world. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island.
Amanda Ragusa is studying toward a degree in history with a communication minor. In 2015, she studied abroad in Galway, Ireland and fell completely in love with the culture. She found a passion in creative writing and hopes to one day become a television and/or screenplay writer.