Five Underrated Songs You Need to Add to Your Fall Playlist

I know I’m not the only one who has a fall playlist. Check out these five underrated songs you need to add to fall playlist. 


“We Fell in Love in October” – Girl in Red

This beautiful song definitely isn’t getting as much recognition as it deserves! This harmonic song paints pictures with words- it brings relaxation and comfort to its audience. I love listening to “We Fell in Love in October” while having a chill day in my room, doing a face mask and lighting my pumpkin-scented candles. It’s a vibe. J


“Drunk on Halloween” – Wallows

This is also another chill song that’s perfect for the fall season. I love to listen to “Drunk on Halloween” on rainy October nights with a cup of tea in hand (currently my situation). I can imagine a couple slow dancing to this poetic song at a Halloween dance. This song is definitely a staple in my fall playlist.


“Sunlight on Your Skin” – Lil Peep, ILOVEMAKONNEN

If you’re like me and love Lil Peep, chances are you’re obsessed with this song! As his two-year death anniversasy fast approaches, I have been listening to this song now, more than ever.  There is a different version of this song called “Falling Down” featuring XXXTENTACION. Personally, I like “Sunlight on Your Skin” better. ILOVEMAKONNEN once admitted that while Lil Peep was still alive, there was a bit of a romantic spark between them, which makes me love this song and the lyrics even more.


“1980s Horror Film II” – Wallows

If you couldn’t already tell, Wallows is my all-time favorite band- I obviously had to include another one of their songs! I love all their songs. However, “1980s Horror Film II” is the first song I’ve ever heard by Wallows. And it was love at first sight, well first listen. I’ve been obsessed with the band and their music. The original song, “1980s Horror Film” is the acoustic version. But, I think the second version is much better.


“All the Good Girls Go to Hell” – Billie Eilish

Probably the most popular song on this list, yet still underrated in comparison to the rest of her album- This Billie Eilish song is the fifth new song you should add to your fall playlist. I love to listen to “All the Good Girls Go to Hell” while I’m doing my makeup because it never fails to boost my confidence! It’s the perfect song to listen to while getting ready on Halloween night, especially if you’re wearing a spooky costume.


Make sure to check out these 5 amazing songs! Hopefully you all like them enough to add them to your fall playlist! Happy spooky season!