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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.
  1. Running out of data 
  2. Saying you “have nothing to wear” while looking at your wardrobe full of clothes 
  3. When they put too much ice in your Starbucks iced coffee 
  4. When they put too little ice in your Starbucks iced coffee 
  5. When your cleaning lady moves your stuff and you can’t find it ANYWHERE
  6. When the menu has too many choices and you can’t decide 
  7. Scratchy toilet paper in public bathrooms
  8. When the elevator stops at every floor and you’re already running late 
  9. When the lady doing your nails cuts them too short and your cuticle starts to bleed 
  10. When your white sneakers (Air Force 1’s lets be real) get a speck of dirt on them 
  11. When you wake up and your phone is dead because it didn’t charge all night 
  12. When you can’t shave your armpits (or other places) because you’re waiting for the hair to grow out so you can get a wax
  13. When the iOS update makes your iPhone X slow  
  14. When you forget to take a picture of your food before eating it
  15. Trying to find the spot you fell asleep at during your Netflix show the night before 
  16. When your phone dies so you have to use your Mac to text 
  17. When you lose your second phone 
  18. When you’re tired but you already napped and had a Starbucks coffee 
  19. When someone takes your unassigned seat in class 
  20. When you go to get a fill and they mess up your acrylics and you wish you just got a full set
  21. When your roommate doesn’t refill the Brita 
  22. When you accidently swipe left on a hottie with a body 
  23. When your sugar daddy doesn’t text you back 
  24. When your smart TV has Netflix but not Hulu 


Gabriella Basile was CC and President of Her Campus Scranton during the 2018-2019 academic school year.