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FALL In Love With The Electric City: 15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

1. Got to a drive in movie theater Enjoy a nice autumn night under the stars while watching a newly released film. Only 10 minutes from Scranton, the Circle Drive In Theater of Dickson City exhibits Double Features every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at dawn for only $8 a person.

2. Go Apple Picking Whether you like apples or not, apple picking is always a fun activity that gets you and your friends off campus and enjoying the fresh autumn air. Within 30 minutes of Scranton you can visit Roba Family Orchard, Miller’s Orchards Farm Market, and Brace Orchard.

3. Visit Local Farmer Markets Pick up a few gourds to decorate your dorm or apartment with or support local farmers markets by purchasing fresh produce to cook with. Within 10 minutes of Scranton there are many markets to choose from such as Co-Op Farmers’ Market and South Side Farmers Market.

4. Go For a Scenic Hike or Bike Ride Enjoy the bright colors of fall by taking a walk or ride under the fall foliage. If you are a student attending the University of Scranton, you can rent bikes for free from the Weinberg Memorial Library. The best nearby parks for hiking or biking are Nay Aug Park and Scranton Lake Walking Path. Or make a day trip and go to the Pocono State Park!

5. Paint or Carve a Pumpkin Is it really Fall if you do not have a pumpkin decoration? Grab a paintbrush or knife and deck out your pumpkin. Spice it up (pun intended), by having a pumpkin decorating contest with your friends!

6. Go to a local coffee shop Ditch the basic Starbucks’s Pumpkin Spice Latte trend and try a different seasonal flavor! Why stick to the same flavor when there are seasonal flavors that range from pumpkin, caramel, apple cinnamon, and maple? Try these new flavors at hip cafes like Northern Lights Cafe, Adezzo and Zummo’s Café. Don’t forget to pair it with a sweet treat too (;

7. Volunteer at an Animal Sanctuary

Farms can be fun, but what is an even greater experience is being able to interact and care for animals that have been rescued. Just a short drive from Scranton, Indraloka and Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge allow you to visit, but also ask for a donation to help maintain the sanctuaries.

8. Go to a Haunted House

For those who don’t like the sense of being scared, go to the Electric City Escape Room instead. That way you can still feel that exhilarating thrill without being afraid! Otherwise, check out the Reaper’s Revenge Haunted House right here in Scranton!

9. Watch a Scary Movie

Get in the Halloween Spirit by watching a horror movie or putting on a throwback family friendly Halloween movie like “Hocus Pocus” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” -both accessible on Netflix. Otherwise, take a stroll down to the Iron Horse Movie Bistro to watch the latest released horror movie. Bring out the popcorn and candy-corn! 

10. Go to a Football Game

Even though Scranton may not have a football team, you can join in on the Nittany Lions’ school spirit of PennState University (and if they win, you can buy a medium iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts for only $1)! Otherwise, for a closer game, Misericordia University is only 30 minutes away.

11. Go to an Amusement Park

Enjoy a day off campus by visiting an amusement park like Dorney Park or Knoebel’s Amusement Resort within an hour and a half from Scranton.

12. Write a Thankful card

In honor of Thanksgiving, why not take the time to thank someone special—either family, a teacher, or a veteran. Although a small act of kindness, it can make all the difference in someone’s day if not life.

13. Bake Tasty Fall Treats

Sure, the dining hall has delicious desserts every day, but there is still nothing like home baked treats. Scroll through recipe webpages, blogs, and flip through magazines and cookbooks to find cute and sweet treats to bake. The best part…eating them!!

14. Tell Scary Stories

Pull out the flashlights and blankets like we did when we were kids. And on a nice autumn night you and your friends can even go outside, pajamas and all, to share ghost stories or simply gossip.

15. Visit a Consignment Shop

Whether to find cute accessories for your Halloween costume or to find the next best outfit, Consignment shops, in addition to being really entertaining, can carry a lot of trending things. Plus, you will be saving money while supporting an organization (most Consignment Shops are “non-profit” organizations). Check out the Salvation Army and Plato’s Closet.

Fall is a beautiful season that typically goes by unnoticed, wedged between Summer break and the Christmas for most college students. However, there are so many things to do to enjoy the blisses that Fall has to offer. So, although the cold is rushing in, that does not mean we should barricade ourselves in our dorms. Rather, go out and enjoy the festivities of Fall and fall in love with it!

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