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Fall Clothing and Accessories from Amazon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Whenever I am online, I find that so many influencers keep posting items they bought on Amazon that came out looking amazing. But do not get me wrong as much as I love shopping local, I find myself always on Amazon buying a last-minute outfits or accessories I need in a few days instead of losing my parking spot on campus I can just walk to the mailroom and get my packages. These are some cute accessories and clothing I have been seeing online and are probably in my cart right now (or things I have bought already). 

Chunky Open Hoop Earrings

I see so many people talking about these gold hoop earrings. I heard many mixed reviews of how good they are and how they have no issues while other people were not fans. But I say out of all the hoop earrings these have been a winner to many people I know. 

Also, a side note my grandmother swears if you put your jewelry in a Ziplock bag it will slow the development of tarnish…so like take that advice. 

White Booties

I am guilty on the whole booties trend. I LOVE LOVE these white booties so much. They are literally so comfy and literally match with everything. But if you are also like my mom who prefers black or brown there’s also an option for that. 

Also, a side note if you ever get dirt on them use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 


Okay, so if you saw me last week when the temperature was like in the 50s. I literally already wore a shacket. But this one is so comfy. I love how they have different colors, but it is literally amazing. 


I am guilty on buying sunglasses for no reason even when I do not need them but will use them for a photo on social media. But these come with not only one but TWO!! What a deal. I highly recommend these they are literally so cute and come in two different colors which to me makes it easy to match them with any outfit. 

Long Sleeve Dress

I won’t lie this may or may not be my Thanksgiving dress. This dress is super soft and has many different colors to choose from! It can also be a cute brunch dress or for a family event. 

Hair Claws Clips

I have very thick hair. So, when I want to put my hair up without it being in a hair tie, I use these to make my hair stay up while I do my morning/night routine or if I am studying.

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