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Dear PSL Lovers, You Need to Try Starbuck’s Pumpkin Cold Brew

Fall is here which means that pumpkin flavors are back! This season, I plan to order anything and everything pumpkin flavored- coffee and even ice cream!So, if you’re anything like me, I have amazing news: Starbucks just introduced a new pumpkin coffee cold brew!Here’s what I thought!

First impression: 

As I stood in line at Starbucks, I immediately noticed a sign for pumpkin cream cold brew. I thought to myself, “I need to try this now!” At first, the coffee and the cream were separate from one another, which I found to be unusual. The cream delicately floated on top of the coffee. I was expecting the coffee and cream to be mixed together, not separate. Despite my confusion, after a couple seconds the cream mixed with the coffee. 


First sip: 

After I let the cream mix with the coffee, I took my first sip and I was not disappointed.The pumpkin cream blended so perfectly with the coffee. It was the perfect mix of coffee and pumpkin flavor; neither the pumpkin nor the coffee over power the other. I could taste both the pumpkin cream and the coffee.It was amazing!


Final thoughts: 

I absolutely loved every sip! For as long as Starbucks carries the pumpkin cream cold brew, I will be ordering it. It is the perfect fall drink and in my opinion it tastes a lot better than the pumpkin spice latte… I know, shocker!


Yet as much as I love the pumpkin cold brew, I may be carrying a PSL to keep me warm on chiller days. However, if you are someone who drinks iced coffee anytime of the year, stop by Starbucks and grab a pumpkin cold brew. You won’t regret it!


As much as I wish fall would last forever, everything good must come to an end. Eventually we must not only wave goodbye to festivities such as the pumpkin patch and jack-o-lanterns but say farewell to beloved pumpkin flavors. Watch the leaves change colors. Go trick or treating. Celebrate the spooky season. Celebrate this time of year.And most importantly, order the Starbucks pumpkin cold brew, because before you know it, winter will be here. 




Kathleen Durkin

Scranton '21

Hi I'm Kathleen!! I am a biology major at The University of Scranton. I am a very go with the flow type of person. On my free time I like to hang out with my friends and family.
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