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A Day in the Life of a College Student, Told by Michael Scott

We’ve all had either an early class to rush to or a professor that you dread seeing. Throughout the day, a series of fortunate and sometimes unfortunate events take place that can make any college student stressed out. At the end of the day we all survived. Coincidentally, Michael Scott has perfectly portrayed all our emotions that occur at some point during a day at Scranton.

1. For those less fortunate, there is an 8 a.m. wake up call. Sadly, hitting the snooze button will only help for an extra 15 minutes.

2. To begin your day, maybe you have a philosophy or theology class where the only question explored is whether or not there is a “God.”

3. You finally get out of class absolutely starved, because who has time to eat previous to class? Breakfast time!

4. Now it’s time for that class you would rather do 100 different things than sit through and your professor always calls on you. What better way to answer than with this Michael Scott quote?

5. Halfway through the day you finally get to chill in your room by yourself, but things get super awkward when your roommate unexpectedly walks in.

6. Post awkward roommate encounter, you both decide it’s lunchtime. But beware; the Freshman 15 will still haunt you as a sophomore, a junior, and maybe even a senior.

7. Similar to kindergarten students, college students need naps too.

8. When you wake up from your nap, you immediately regret that 5-course meal you thought was a good idea. Heading to the gym is a must, but then there is the fear of trying to run on the treadmill and keep up with the person next to you.

9. Eventually, procrastination time has run out and starting that research paper is on top of that to-do list.

10. You finally finish that research paper, and realize it’s not over yet, six more things to get done.

11. And there’s even MORE homework on top of that.

12. OK, so enough homework. You burned enough calories to eat another five-course meal for dinner, right?

13. And finally everyone’s favorite part of the day: THE END.

Kayla is a sophomore counseling and human services major at the University of Scranton. One day she aspires to assist children with intellectual disabilities. Her favorite organization for completing volunteer work at is the Ronald McDonald House. She is also the events director for HC Scranton and is always looking for a new adventure for her and other team members to embark on. In addition, she loves to binge watch "The Office." Small town PA girl just trying to make it in a Scranton world.
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