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I was naïve and thought that seventy degree fall days were going to last forever (or at least until the end of the fall semester.)  This hit me hard when I came back to the U from fall break and the temperatures dropped to mid 40s in one night. I rummaged through my closet and realized I did not bring a winter jacket back with me from home.  This was a big mistake.  Now, I’m trying to find ways to stay warm in NEPA with the clothes I do have.

1. Layers, layers, layers

I cannot stress the importance of layering up in the fall and winter months.  It’s chilly walking from class to class, but then your classroom heat is blasting.  Layering warm sweaters, thick flannels and a coat will prepare you to be comfortable no matter the circumstances.

2. Wear a scarf

Scarves can add pattern or texture to a fall outfit while also being super functional. There are an abundant of styles and many ways to wear them too.  They are perfect to block the harsh winds from attacking your throat and chest, which become vulnerable to colds.  Scarves can also double up as a blanket, which is perfect when you go to the library and want to feel cozy while studying.

3. Slip on a pair of leggings under your jeans

For the brutal days, this is a go-to.  Just wearing a pair a jeans or a pair of leggings alone isn’t enough to block out the frigid air, but a combo of both proves to be indestructible.  Another option is to opt for a pair of fleece leggings.  I got an affordable pair from Charlotte Russe and it feels like a sweater for my legs.  Need I say more?

4. A knitted beanie

Can you hear your mom yelling to put on a hat before walking outside?  You don’t realize the importance of this accessory until you’ve been outside for a while and can’t feel your ears anymore.  Keep them from freezing off with a chunky beanie that is both warm and cute!

5. Winter survival kit

Being winter ready also means making your dorm or apartment stocked up with winter essentials too.  Have a stash of all your must-haves: fuzzy socks, tea, hot chocolate and your fave snacks.  If your living situation is colder than you would like or want to save money on your heating bill, purchase a heated blanket from Walmart or Amazon (and thank me later.)  Lastly, get yourself in the sweater weather spirit by making a playlist or browsing Spotify or Apple music for some tunes that fit your mood this fall and winter! 

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