College Fashion Week, Her Campus Style!

This year, Her Campus Scranton partnered with the CFW program and we have to say, UGH are these goodies amazing! Here's a quick review on all of the items in the College Fashion Week Essentials box!

1. Almay Lip Gloss

We got these right when we needed them! Each one of these colors has holographic glitter that looks out-of-this-world on the lips. Our favorite was the shade "Cosmic", which is a gold gloss with green holographic fine glitter! Perfect for ~spooky szn~

2. EOS Lip Balms

Fall is here, and so are chapped lips. Who doesnt love a cute EOS lip balm. It's so easy to just throw in your bag, and the orange packaging makes it look like a cute little pumkin. How festive! The smell and taste are also to die for -- so fruity, so sweet.

3. Velcro Hangables

At this point in the year, most of our posters and hooks have fallen, just like our expectations for the semester. These were the most useful little surprise in the CFW Essentials package!

4. Primark Beanies

JUST WHEN WE THOUGHT THINGS COULDN'T GET ANY BETTER: Woven beanies! With pom poms made of fur!! (faux, of course). The colors were trendy af, in shades like evergreen, mustard, and maroon. Be sure to check out our social medias to enter the giveaway to receive one for yourself!

Overall, a hard 11/10 for the CFW Essentials package! We feel more fashionable than ever.

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