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Chris McClatchy

Name: Chris McClatchy
Major: English/History

Year: 2014
Hometown: outside of Philly
Relationship Status: It’s complicated
Favorite Book: Americana by Don DeLillo
Favorite Movie: Blazing Saddles
Life Goals: to write, and possibly move to Utah and marry my cousin and have 12 kids.
Can’t Live Without: cigarettes, whiskey, white chocolate mocha, wild, wild, women, and the written word.
Can Live Without: all reality TV, 24 hour news, non-stop movie quoting, and people saying “I’m sorry I’m not sorry.”
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who bitch about classes.  If you don’t want to go here don’t go.
Guilty Pleasure: Facebook.  Every day I want to delete it but end up scrolling through my newsfeed.
If your life was made into a reality TV show, what would it be about? Have you seen the show Californication?  Like that, but real life.
If a zombie apocalypse hit Scranton, how long do you think you’d survive? I would be eating a burrito in lower level DeNaples, unable to tell the zombies from the actual workers until it was too late.  They wouldn’t be able to tell the inside of my brains from the burrito.  So I’d say I’m one of the first to go.

Marie is a senior History and English double major with a minor in Writing at the University of Scranton. Aside from HerCampus, she is also president of the Royals Historical Society and active in supporting Scranton's local music scene. She can often be found wandering around campus, hanging with her friends, writing, exploring downtown, and doing work (...sometimes).
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