Bookworm by Day, Bartender by Night: Meet Janel Harach ‘17

Meet Janel Harach, a Scranton local and social butterfly. You’ve probably seen her on campus with her platinum blonde locks and eclectic clothing. She is most often spotted heading to, inside, or leaving LSC. Read on to find out more about this week’s gal!

Name: Janel “Jamal” Harach
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Spanish
Year: Junior
Hometown: Simpson, PA (a.k.a. Scranton outskirts)

HC: Tell me Janel, are looking for love?
JH: Hell no. Why, do you have a brother?

HC: What are you watching on Netflix right now?
JH: Gossip Girl for the third time. And Once Upon a Time for the second.

HC: I hear you like ants.
JH: Yeah I like my ants more than my uncles. LOL but really, this summer I went down to Panama and worked for the Smithsonian to do research on ants and bees. I lived on an island in the rainforest for three months. Island fever is real.

HC: Does being a local make your college experience different?
JH: Yes and no. I am close enough to go home as I please and I know a lot of people on campus. I also feel more comfortable with the area. But I love it here and wouldn’t trade that.

HC: Tell me what it’s like to be neuroscience pre-med.
JH: It is definitely super interesting. I like to think it’s half psychology and half biology. This way you get both ends of the spectrum. But it is extremely time consuming; it’s hard to see your friends going out when you have to be in the research lab until late.

HC: Is it hard to balance your job as a bartender, crew team, and your major?
JH: I like staying busy and occupied so it works for me.

HC: Dream med school?
JH: Duke. I love North Carolina; my grandpa lives there! I’m hoping to become a pediatric surgeon, but yesterday I wanted to be plastic surgeon, so who really knows.

HC: Tell me something not many people know about you.
JH: I’m a natural ginger. After enough trips to the hair salon, a.k.a. my mom’s place, ‘Bellaz Salon and Spa’, I’ve earned back my soul. *shameless plug*

HC: Describe yourself in three words.
JH: Bubbly, humorous, determined.

HC: And last, what’s funnier: “Damn Daniel or “Saa Dude”?
JH: Oh Saa Dude for the win bro. Daniel gives me bad vibes.