The Bittersweet Moment of Ending Sophomore Year

The end of sophomore year is such a weird point in life; we don’t know whether we should be celebrating or crying. Celebrating because we survived two years of college or crying because we are one step closer to what scares us the most: the “real world.”

I’m sure many of us can admit that these past two years have been two of the best yet. We’ve made countless friends and shared some unforgettable memories. But besides the fun, we’ve also gone through a good amount of hardships. Like that one time you procrastinated to the point where you were stuck writing five huge papers and studying for three tests all in one week. Or maybe that other time you slept through your 8a.m. and missed a presentation you had to give.


When people say that freshman year of college is the best, I can only think of how wrong they are. Sophomore year coming to an end has made me realize that this really is the best year. It’s the year everything starts to fall into place. You finally have your friend group set and you have an idea of what major you want to pursue. That’s why seeing it come to an end is so sad, especially because next year is when college starts to become real.


This is the halfway point of college. The decisions we make from now on will shape the rest of our lives. We have to now start thinking about some serious questions, like the ones our families are about to bombard us with when we get home. “When are you going to start looking for internships?” “What are your plans after graduation?” “Do you plan on staying here or moving away?” Scary thoughts, right? No one wants to think about growing up and becoming an adult, but it’s something that’s becoming more real day after day. It seems like just yesterday we were all seniors in high school deciding where to go to college.

However, I would like to thank my sophomore year. I want to thank it for making me who I am today. For allowing me to make mistakes and grow from them. For giving me one of the best years of my life.


If I could give any advice to the next freshman class, it would be to not rush through college. Don’t take anything here for granted. Enjoy each and every day because I promise you, once you hit junior year, you will be wishing you can rewind back to the beginning of when you were a freshman.