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Binge Worthy Shows While You’re Home on “Break”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

So, you’ve been sent home from school and your classes are online for the next few weeks? Well me too! Knowing my own time management skills, I know I’ll be finding more time for Netflix than I will be for schoolwork (hopefully I’m kidding). If that’s something that sounds familiar to you, I’ve compiled a list of the top four shows to binge on Netflix this self-quarantine season (in no specific order).



Honestly, if you haven’t seen this one yet what are you doing? You follows the story of Joe Goldberg, a guy with quite an intense fascination for a girl he notices in the bookshop he works in. These thrilling 2 seasons will have you questioning your own sanity when you find yourself rooting for the bad guy.


Schitts Creek

A favorite among my friends, this one was described to me as a “non-sitcom comedy” that you just have to watch! It’s guaranteed to make you feel good and put you in a good mood. 

The Vampire Diaries 

My personal favorite on this list, TVD is a show that you can never get sick of, no matter how many times you watch it. This one starts out a little cheesy in the beginning, but I promise you if you stick it out you’ll fall in love! Vampires, werewolves and witches, what else could you ask for?


Another great drama by the creator of Greys, Scandal follows the life of Olivia Pope, someone who has had quite the history with the President. 7 seasons will go by with the blink of an eye, trust me! I’m currently watching this one and let me tell you I don’t want it to end. 


Shannon Gill

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Senior Exercise Science Major at The University of Scranton
Carly Long

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Carly is a senior studying Strategic Communications with a concentration in Legal Studies at The University of Scranton. This is her third year as CC at HC Scranton, which she hopes to continue to elevate. In her free time Carly can be found writing, working out, or buying new products to feed her skincare addiction.