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Summer is just around the corner, meaning you will find yourself with more free time than usual.  Here are some of my favorite apps you can use if you want to have fun and be productive at the same time.


This app allows you to choose from a variety of languages. You can practice as often as you would like. This is a perfect way to learn the basics of a new language if you are taking a foreign language class or even planning a vacation in a foreign country.

All Trails

This app allows you to input your location to find trails near you. Once you put in your location, a list of trails will pop up where you can walk, run and bike. It will tell you the name of the trail or park, where it is, how long the trail is, the level of difficulty, and reviews from people who have been there. No matter how experienced you are, this app makes it easy to be active and have fun.


InstaCart is an easy way to make money on your own terms. This app allows you to shop for other people and get paid, including tips from the customers. This can be very fun, especially if you bring a friend along to help you shop and keep you company on the ride.



This app allows you to buy stocks easily. All you have to do is link the app to your bank account and deposit funds. If you use someone’s referral code, you will each get a free stock when you sign up. If you are too busy to work or just want some extra cash, Robinhood makes it easy.


Meditation is just one method of self-care, and this app will help you with that. If you are looking to be productive and take care of yourself in a relaxing way, the Calm app will help you achieve that.


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