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Basic Tarot Guide for Beginners

While tarot cards have been around since the 15th century, they are being more popularized nowadays in social media. If you’re just now starting to learn tarot, I hope these tips are helpful to you in starting your tarot journey! 


Firstly, picking a good tarot deck is very important! The ones I use are the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards and I highly recommend this deck! This tarot deck has very detailed and colorful imagery and I believe it’s one of the oldest tarot decks out there. If you’re looking for a deck that is a little more aesthetic (imagery-wise) than the Rider-Waite set, I suggest browsing through Amazon for some, there is a huge selection of different tarot decks to choose from! It is essential to choose a deck that speaks to you personally, that way you can be most connected to the cards and their individual meanings. 


Once you’ve picked out a tarot deck that is significant and meaningful to you, I suggest getting somewhat familiar with each card. Take some time and look at the imagery of each card and do some reading on the meaning of each one. You don’t have to know these cards entirely by heart but having a vague idea of what each card means will be helpful when you start doing tarot spreads. Personally, I use the app “Tarot!” which goes directly with the Rider-Waite tarot deck to help me familiarize myself with each card. Something important to keep in mind is to pay attention to the position of the cards when drawing them. This is because each card can have a completely different, sometimes opposite, meaning if it is reversed. 


Finally, there are a few tarot card spreads that I think are perfect when learning the basics. I highly recommend doing the “Card a Day” spread daily. For this super easy spread, all you do is shuffle the tarot cards, pull them together in a neat pile facing down and draw a single card in front of you. I like to do this quick spread every morning with the intention of knowing what’s ahead of me or what to expect for the day. Another easy spread that I think is perfect for beginners is the “Past, Present, Future” spread. For this method, lay the deck facing down and spread it all horizontally in front of you, choose three cards that you feel connected to, and then lay them out in front of you. The first card tells you about your past, the second about your present, and the last card about what your future has to offer you. I find this spread to be almost *scary* accurate and very insightful. 


I hope these tips were helpful to you whether you’re new to tarot or you’re experienced and are interested in learning new spreads! Tarot is a great tool to give you great insight about aspects of your life that you don’t necessarily know of yet or aren’t very clear to you now. Thanks for reading!

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