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Here we go Bachelor Nation! I am here to give my thoughts on this season of the Bachelor.


First of all, I have been a Bachelor Stan since I can remember. I have been watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette since I was 6 or 7 with my family. I remember the OG pilot, Jake Pavelka, the fabulous lawyer Andi Dorfman, the iconic catastrophe Juan Pablo and my favorite Bachelor couple Sean and Catherine Lowe. If anyone tries to fight me on watching the Bachelor longer, YOU WON’T WIN!


I knew coming off Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette, I knew it would be hard to beat. Hannah’s season of the Bachelorette was by far my favorite. The cast and the drama were amazing. Regardless of her picking wrong with Jed, I do believe that she was ready for marriage and mature enough. 


Where do I even start with “The Windmill” star, Peter Weber… 

This has been the cattiest group if girls I have ever seen on the show. Each girl backstabbed each other over and over, with no care in the world about who’s feelings were being hurt. Peter is the CEO of rewarding petty drama. He was caught in so many pickles this season because he would feed into the drama and trust girls’ opinions over his own judgement.


I also think Peter is a guy who is really attracted by a woman’s looks and not her character. There were various girls that he kept around for so long, solely based on that he was attracted to their looks or because they were “mysterious”. 


Victoria F. and Peter could not communicate to save their lives and Peter made excuses for her all the time. The fact that he did not meet her family and was okay with that was mind boggling. They could not get it together.


I am really upset how I misjudged Hannah Ann this whole season. I thought she was selfish and immature. Hannah Ann is a queen who knows her worth. She was kind and so loving. It makes me infuriated that Peter proposed to her for his own agenda, per usual. Hannah Ann really put him on the hot seat at the After the Final Rose, and I commend her for that. In the end Hannah Ann was ready for commitment and Peter wasn’t. He has not been ready for commitment all season. 


Madison… I really do love her and think she is a great woman. I do think she should have told Peter earlier that she was saving herself for marriage. I do not think she gave a Peter an ultimatum, but she made things a little more blurred for Peter. I admire her for keeping her morals during this crazy journey and not just throwing them out the window.  


Will Peter and Madison work out? Honestly time will tell. I think their morals do not align. I am not sure if Peter can wait that long to have sex with her… I think Madison should be with someone who respects her morals and does not have a crazy mother. I have never witnessed anything like Barb in Bachelor Nation history. This is Peter’s life, not Barbs…



Overall this season was terrible, and I miss the Hannah Brown “Peter.” He was her biggest cheerleader and loved a strong-willed woman. All he did was reward drama and care about his sexual desires, and not what matters. 







Alessia Brunori

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