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I am nobody, but who are you?

Are you a nobody too?

I am nobody, but I am me. 

I am a girl who has mastered the art of self-expression. 

Diamond piercings are sparkles; tattoos turn skin to canvas.


I believe in creativity. 

Thrift stores are upcycled safe havens- 

journals are outlets of the soul. 



I despite conformity 

because if I were to conform

to fulfill a social standard, 

then I would not be me. 


I believe we must embrace our flaws.

Freckled skin

fill my face with marks of beauty. 

I am a creation. 


Be as true to yourself

as the flower bed beneath;

curate a mystical garden of life. 


Look within your soul 

and you will find- 

You are a nobody too. 

However, you are you. 


Find happiness. 

Express the mess.

A soul forever blessed. 

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