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All About the New ‘Bachelorette’, Hannah Brown

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Bachelor fans, the time has come! It has just been recently released that the new Bachelorette for season 15 is Hannah Brown. There has been a lot of controversy and mixed feelings from the Bachelor nation about Hannah B. being the new Bachelorette for this season. Some people are really supporting her on this journey, but others don’t think they could bear to watch her all season, saying she is awkward and uncomfortable. Donna (@donnalicious82) on Twitter even said, “Hannah B should prob stick to pageants, smile and look pretty… and don’t talk!” Even with mixed reviews from fans, I think Hannah B is great and deserves her chance at love so let’s learn a bit more about her and give her a fair chance!

1. Hannah is 24 years old and she is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She works as an interior decorator with a degree in communications from the University of Alabama.


2. Hannah was a pageant queen since her teenage years and was even Miss Alabama 2018. She says that this opportunity gave her the confidence she needed in her life and all I have to say to that is “Go Hannah!”


3.  Hannah B is super weird and quirky, and we love this about her. She is totally herself and isn’t afraid to show it.


4. Hannah came in 7thon Colton’s season and is so over him.


5. Hannah has moved on and is ready to start her journey. She even met five of her new men for season 15 on the live show.


Bachelor nation will have to wait on the edge of their seats until Monday, May 13that 8pm to watch Hannah B begin her journey and meet the rest of her new men on night one! 


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