9 Types of People You Encounter on a Plane

“Getting there is half the fun," a popular phrase we are all too familiar with. Our vacations begin with a road trip, a voyage on a boat, or a personal favorite, a plane ride. Traveling alone is one of the most rewarding experiences, however this sometimes means you won’t be sitting next to a loved one or your BFF on the journey. We have all experienced not so great travel companions we met a mere three seconds before the plane ride, and sometimes you meet a new friend.

1. Your new friend that you will most likely never see again.

Sometimes the cards are dealt in your favor. This person usually keeps to themselves, but being polite since you are both crammed into a small area for a long period of time. You both pursue small talk, and end up having more similarities than differences. It is a bittersweet goodbye when you land and go on to your lives, hoping nothing for the best for them.

2. The Talker

This person is the opposite of your new friend. You can hear them a mile away in the terminal even before you board. A certain fear washes over you as you have this gut feeling that they will be sitting next to you. Lucky you, they are assigned right next to you. Earphones or not, this person wants to become your next BFF. You hear everything from their last relationship, to their ex cousin's twice removed dog who just got leg surgery.

3. The "There's a Colonial Woman on the Wing" Person

If you haven’t seen Bridesmaids, I highly recommend it. This person is basically beyond afraid of planes and flying, but somehow ended up sitting alone next to you. They are so nervous that they are making you nervous. In attempt to make the situation better, they usually end up making it much worse: i.e flight scene in Bridesmaids.

4. The VAP: Very Attractive Person

You have been up for several hours, stuck in an airport, and if you are me the airline people assume you are much younger than you actually are. You want to fly in peace, but your seat buddy is future spouse material. Now you have to worry about snoring, or any other plane nap problems.  You’re now confused why this couldn’t happen to you at literally any other moment.5. The baby or toddler 

You don’t know if you feel worse for the child, their parent, or the people around them. Babies and toddlers, as cute as they are, usually cause ruckus. They are everywhere and into everything. Some type of snack food or toy is usually being thrown, hopefully not at you.

6. The First Class Wannabe

We are all in this together, by this I mean coach. This person wants to be upgraded in the worst way, without the extra charge. They once read an article on “5 Ways to Be Automatically Upgraded” and won’t back down until it happens.

7. The "I forgot deodorant."  

Travel stress is understandable. Stress brings on sweat, it happens to the best of us. However, most of us are prepared, but your new travel buddy is not.  Only two hours to go.

8. The Pillow Person

This person appears to be nice at first. They keep to themselves and pop their earphones in, you think to yourself everything is going to be great. Next thing you know, you have an unwanted pressure on your right shoulder, and you have officially become a human pillow.

9. The Football Player

You feel the worst for this person, as well as yourself. It is known airlines are making their seats smaller, so this poor person has less room than before. These seats are not friendly to those above 5’7, so where are they exactly supposed to put their legs? (Any airline, if you are reading I would love to know).