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9 Things You’ll Be Thinking This Winter

Some people rave about how much they love the wintertime, yet most of us aren’t those kind of people... As winter approaches, so does the inevitable cold, layers (and layers) of clothes and that never-ending runny nose. Although it brings the best time for hot lattes and prime cuffing season, it’s also a season when most of us can agree that these nine relatable thoughts will come to mind:

1. The motivation ends here.

As soon as the temperature starts dropping, our motivation to get out of bed starts dropping even quicker.

 2. SNOW!

“Wait there’s snow tomorrow?” The only time a "yes" to this question is OK is when classes are cancelled, so let’s all consolidate our Jesuit powers and pray for a snow day.

 3. Why?

As much as we love Scranton once the cold hits, only one question comes to mind: “why?” Why did we ever think it was a good idea to go to a school that reaches negative temperatures on the daily?!?

4. Lazy day, every day.

There’s snow on the ground, you’re cold, you’re tired and you’ve definitely found the perfect excuse for a lazy day.

 5. Maybe this isn’t so bad?

You may not think it often, but there are those days when the city looks pretty damn good covered in snow and winter doesn’t feel so bad.

6. Sweating under jackets > sweating from just standing outside.

“Yes, I may be feeling like I’ll catch hypothermia any second now, but hey! At least I’m not sweating like I do in July right?”

7. Cuffing season is among us.

Winter is just one of those seasons that would be 10x more bearable with someone by your side to warm you up.

8. Two in 5 jackets actually get the job done.

Your hands are cold, your nose is cold and your ears are cold too. Let’s face it: every part of you is freezing and no amount of clothing is going to make it feel any better.

9. Any time after November 1, Christmas songs are kinda OK.

Let’s all just blast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and sing along because Christmas is on the way people! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!



Julia Wardeh

Scranton '19

Julia Wardeh is a senior studying pre-medicine at the University of Scranton. This will be her second year as president and CC of Her Campus Scranton, which she hopes to elevate and expand. In her free time, Julia enjoys working as a barista, reading novels, and looking at the latest memes.
Hi, I'm Julia Khalil, I'm a Biology major at the University of Scranton. I was born and raised in the Electric City. Some of my likes include yoga, green tea, and anything related to the beach. I am excited to continue my stay at the University surrounded by the lovely ladies of HC Scranton.?
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