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9 Stages of Halloween Night as a College Girl

1. Trying to come up with costume ideas that are original and not too basic, but also not too slutty, and then realizing that such a costume does not exist.

2. Spending hours researching DIY makeup tutorials online.

3. Realizing that this definitely came out better on Pinterest…

4. Spending twenty plus dollars on bunny ears at Party City for your “cheap homemade costume.”

5. Taking three hours to get ready only to say screw it to those stubborn false eyelashes.

6. Finally making it out to streets and realizing that your costume doesn’t even matter.

7. Falling into the arms of the guy you’ve been crushing on for weeks; at least he was dressed as a ghost and didn’t disappear without reason.

8. Making it back to your room with only 30% of your costume still intact.

9. Waking up in the morning and not being able to decipher if the blood on your arm is real or artificial, but not caring because you had a great Halloween night.

Good luck this Halloween ladies, don’t let the ghosts get you!

Karly is a senior exercise science major and aspiring acupuncturist at the University of Scranton. She loves anything that involves coffee or playing with animals. Her favorite pastime is hanging with her horse, Jack. Follow her on insta @karlym_
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