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The 9 Different Guys You’ll Meet at Scranton

The Wannabe Frat StarConsidering we are a school that very obviously lacks organized Greek Life you will find those boys on campus that would do anything to be in a fraternity. Some may have started their own form of one. On the up side you will never find these kids wearing bro tanks and snap backs around campus. Instead, you can definitely spot them in a cute button up or a Vineyard Vines pullover at a basketball game.

The BlackoutThis guy hits up the bars or basements as much as possible, and can almost always be found with a cheap beer in hand. He may be someone everyone considers a good time but beware he basically never remembers his nights.

Mister RightHe’s witty and charming, everything a girl wants. He puts effort into creating the perfect balance between his friends, his schoolwork, extracurricular activities, you and a social life. That looks complicated written down doesn’t it? At first it might take a little time to work out the kinks but that spark you felt from the start will be what pulls you through.

The Stage Five ClingerBeing at a school where most people are all in the same social circle can be quite difficult. We have at least 50 people that we’ll see out each weekend and it’s not awkward to give them a kiss on the cheek to say hello. How many of your friends at other schools can say that? On the other hand, it becomes extremely difficult to avoid that boy who is always five seconds behind you. Walking into Oscar’s for Pennies on a Thursday night and having him be there wouldn’t be considered “stalkerish” until he ends up at the same late night.

The One Who Won’t CommitWhether it’s asking him to come to a different party or over for a movie on a Wednesday night (because we all know Tuesday’s mean TNS) there is always some sort of hesitation. He says how much he likes you and enjoys hanging out with you on the weekend but that’s as far as it goes. Now, that may start to sound like he’s using you but let’s be real, the boys here have a little bit of a hard time in the commitment department. There is a way to go about this without aggressively forcing him to start dating you the second after you meet. My advice…. Play hard to get. These boys could use a reality check pulling on their heartstrings.

The UpperclassmenIf you are looking for something a little more serious at the U the upperclassmen are definitely the way to go. They have made it through the phase of “not committing” and just want a steady girl to talk to and be with. Not saying the underclassmen are incapable of this but it really depends on how fast they get through that initial stage. Upperclassmen are established. They have houses or apartments, are involved on campus, whether it’s a sport or a club, and know the ins and outs of the University. I am in no way saying that every upperclassmen is ready for a relationship, but you are much more likely to find a boyfriend who is a junior or senior rather than the freshman boy next door.

The School Oriented GuyYou can see it already… he’ll be the next CEO of Lockheed Martin and is involved in everything possible on campus while still finding the time to volunteer. It is a rarity to see him out but definitely will be in the library for hours on end. He is very strung out but once you get past that he is most certainly boyfriend material. He will work hard to get what he wants but can still have a good time with you. He might have some priority issues, but would you expect someone who is probably going to run the leading global security and aerospace company not to?

The Hidden GemHe came to Scranton and did it right. He was quiet but still went out and met people. He didn’t get around even though he probably had the opportunity to because of his good looks. He does well in school and you only know that because of the amount of time he spends in Weinberg and the fact that he raises his hand at least once a week. It’s a rarity to come across this guy, so when you do keep him close. If he isn’t exactly your type he is definitely the best friend you want to have around for a late night trip to DeNaples or a quick lunch at the POD.

The CharmerFrom the corny pick up line when you’re walking through the party to the way he swept you right off your feet without even knowing, the charmer is the guy to stay away from. Yes he can be good for a little attention or making you feel just a tad bit more significant than every other girl on campus. However, he will also be the guy to make you fall for him overnight. You’ll wake up worried if he’s going to text you or who that girl is in his snap story, but it’s better to get out now before you’re too far in to make the right decision. There is nothing worse than allowing a guy to take away from the great times you have on and off campus and the charmer will not be the guy stick around.

Through your four years here you’re bound to meet at least one of each of these guys, don’t give up hope, your hidden gem may be right around the corner.

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