8 White Elephant Gifts Under $25!

Gift-giving can be a joyful and sentimental experience, but if you’re anything like me, white elephant and gag gifts are a fun and easy way to bring out the true belly laughs from your loved ones. Here are 8 conversation-starting gifts that you can order on Amazon.


1. Potty Putter, $13.55

Starting off with our first and most common gag gift, the Potty Putter is a great option for not only your visor-wearing dad but for anyone who owns a bathroom.



2. Crafting with Cat Hair, $13.46 

Have a cat lover in your life? This is the perfect gag gift for them. Do I even have to say anything more about this book?



3. Raining Men Umbrella, $24.95

It’s raining men! Hallelujah, it’s raining men... seriously. With this comical umbrella it really does look seem to be raining men. 



4. Desktop Punching Bag, $17.99

Know someone who tends to take out their stress on the people around them? Here’s the perfect desktop gift that not only relieves their stress, but saves you from the aftermath.



5. Lick’em Cat Scratcher, $11.98

So you have two cat lovers in your life? Perfect. Here’s the perfect gag gift for the crazy aunt who includes her cats in her Christmas card. 



6. American Flag Fanny Pack, $14.99

Does your twelve-year-old brother wear his basketball jerseys over his hoodie? Does he ask all his “boys” where they’re dropping? Say no more. I guarantee he will find a perfect occasion to rock this disaster of a fanny pack.



7. BigMouth Inc Wine Bottle Glass, $14.99

Does everyday at work seem like a bad day of work for your mom? Does she pretend that she’s only going to have one glass? Well, this specific wine glass holds an entire 750ml bottle, so this comical gift could be a hit.



8. Yodeling Pickle, $13.79

Honestly, I’m not sure yodel-aye-hee-WHOthis gift would be perfect for. Maybe yourself? Maybe your cousin? Maybe the friend at the party you haven’t talked to since high school graduation? Either way this yodeling pickle will be the gag gift of the year.



These eight easy white elephant gifts are guaranteed to start some conversations, or at least some laughs at your next holiday party. If not, I’d like to formally apologize for forever ruining your Amazon Recommended section.