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7 Things to Look Forward to (to Help Get You Through These Cold Days)

Flowers Blooming

This is one of the first signs of the weather changing. The switch from bare trees to a colorful array of flowers is so beautiful! It sets up a perfect scene for picnics or photo shoots outside.  


Beach Days

These days can be relaxing, reading a book while listening to the waves. Or these days can be a trip with some of your best friends, playing games in the sand. No matter what the trip is for, it is always a chance to work on your tan!


Outside Activities

Outside activities consist of hikes, trips to a park, walks around town, games outside with your friends, picnics or anything else you can think of! No matter the activity these days allow for great memories and exploration of the your outdoor environment. 


Pool Days

These days are great to spend with family, friends, or even alone! You could chill on a pool float, take tons of pictures, or play fun pool games! Overall, the water can be extremely refreshing and relaxing. These pool days can be concluded with a bonfire or an outdoor movie!


Gathering with friends or family for great food. These days allow for great photos and great memories! BBQ’s can be a great place to bring any recipes you have wanted to try! Some perfect summer desserts are cobblers, ice box cakes, or even s’mores! Some fun twists you can put on s’mores are using cookies instead of graham crackers, Reese’s instead of plain chocolate, and roasting starburst over the fire. 


Ice Cream Days

With the warm weather comes a great excuse to get ice cream!! Don’t miss out on the first day of spring (March 19th) promotions from ice cream shops, such as Dairy Queen, Rita’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and Carvel!


Spring/Summer Clothes

The weather change warrants a change in wardrobe. In other words, a shopping spree for new shorts, dresses, skirts, floral prints and sandals! You can head to outlets, malls, any cute local shop, or online stores! Some great places to shop are Pac Sun, American Eagle, Cotton On, Zaful, and Shein!


Erin Palermo

Scranton '22

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