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53 Thoughts We’ve Had So Far This Semester

1. Why am I always hungry?

2. How have I already spent all my money?

3. What class is this?

4. I miss my clean house…

5. And my air conditioning…

6. And my dog.

7. I haven’t even been at school for a month, but I feel like I need a year to catch up on all my missed sleep.

8. Am I actually going to graduate on time?

9. Should I just fail this class so I don’t have to?

10. Wait – no, I might actually fail.

11. I have no idea what is going on right now.

12. Is it too early in the semester to get a tutor?

13. I’m so hungry.

14. How old is too old to be watching Spongebob?

15. Why is Starbucks so expensive?

16. More importantly, when is PSL coming back?

17. How lazy is it to drive to class?

18. Can I afford this $2 Bud Light?

19. *Purposely skips dinner to avoid regretting drunk pizza later that night*

20. Ew, my hair reeks of smoke from the bar last night…

21. Still gonna go to class smelling like an ash tray though.

22. I think I kissed that boy last night.

23. What’s his name again?

24. Why isn’t Luke the Bachelor?

25. How many times can I wear the same leggings before I need to wash them?

26. Will anyone notice that I wore this outfit yesterday?

27. Wow, I really should do laundry.

28. Why do 50 minute classes feel like they last a lifetime?

29. Has he always been that cute?

30. Still hungry.

31. Should I be watching Stranger Things?

32. ‘Sorry’ is still the best song I have ever heard.

33. ‘Cold Water’ is a close second.

34. I think I have actual feelings for Justin Bieber.

35. How do people look so nice for class?

36. I literally rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago.

37. Wait – why are freshmen wearing crop tops around campus?

38. Is it just me or is Keeping Up with the Kardashians always on?

39. How have I already gained 3 pounds?

40. Wow, I really need to go to the gym.

41. Is my fear of seeing too many people I know a good enough excuse not to go?

42. I miss my mom’s homemade food.

43. My life is an emotional roller coaster.

44. I just woke up 45 minutes ago, but I need a nap.

45. How many days can I go without washing my hair and using dry shampoo instead?

46. *Walking to class* OH MY GOD that boy is cute *trips while staring*

47. I should probably call my mom.

48. Two tests, a paper and a quiz all next week… Cue the mental breakdown.

50. Which free t-shirt should I wear today?

51. I wish I was a freshman.

52. I’m way too obsessed with my friends.

53. I love this place. 

Jessica is a sophomore at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in general business. She is so excited to be a part of the HCScranton team and hopes to reach other girls on campus. This Jersey Girl loves hanging out with her friends and family, soaking up the sun at the beach, and is never found without her prized possession MK bag. Follow her on Instagram @jessicaperillo!
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